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Karrie Ann  Jean, Executive Director
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Become a Licensed Ordained Minister in 12 weeks

 *Must be a Christian

*Must have a good moral character

*Must have a High school diploma or a GED

By: Rev. Dr. Chris Brook

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"Not a typical school! It's hands-on! Register  today start working as an apprentice tomorrow, we also assist our students finding the right job"


Grant Application

Complete this application to determine your eligibility to receive  $50 to $100 grant that you can apply toward your registration or lab  fee. Your application will be pre-approved or rejected upon submission. Mattapan Tech will determine the grant amount based on  funds availability.
Who can apply for this grant?
  • Any prospective students who cannot afford to pay the whole registration fee because of financial  hardship and  who has a government issued high school diploma or a GED (US or foreign)
  • or Any prospective student who served in the military.
  • Mattapan Tech reserves the right to revoke the grant if you provide false or misleading information on this application.
First and last name :
Middle Initial :
Last 4 digits of your social security number 
Phone Number:
In what program are you trying to enroll?
CompTIA A+ - Computer Technology / PC & Laptop Repair
CompTIA Network + - Network Technology/ Network Design/ Implementation/ Troubleshooting and Repair.
Information Technology Specialist - CompTIA A+  and CompTIA Network +
Are you currently unemployed ?  Yes   No 
Are you receiving disability benefits? Yes   No
Are you currently receiving food stamps? Yes   No 
Are you a US military veteran? Yes or no
Enter the following code: ZK45USA

About your church, temple, synagogue etc.

Do you attend church, temple or synagogue? 
Name of your church, temple etc.
Mailing address
Name of your pastor ?
Phone number



The Mattapan School of Technology

Mattapan/ Greater Boston Technology Learning Center , Inc. is a tuition free adult vocational  technical school and job search center sponsored by the United Christians Fellowship Urban Ministry. Our mission is to open a door of  vocational education opportunities to low or no income individuals who cannot afford the cost of a private career school and to create hope in our broken society.  

The United Christian Fellowship Urban Ministries donates funds to support technology job training program in the urban communities. www.firstccb.org

Sponsored by: The United Christian Fellowship Urban Ministries 

The Mattapan/Greater Boston Technology Learning Center

Mattapan Tech is a public institution under Internal Revenue code 501(c)(3)

Our partners:

The United Christians Fellowship Urban Ministries

Town Computer



Distinguish yourself with a professional diploma from The Mattapan School of Technology

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