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2-) Each assignment will be graded and your grade will be sent to you by email.
3-) Your coursework will be monitored by live instructors, you can contact your instructor by email or by using contact forms that will facilitate your communication with your instructors.
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Project Definition work assignment # 6

 Name and Last Name    

 Student ID     

 Email Address 


 Find the definition of project scope and type it below.


 Find the definition of product scope and type it below.


 Establish the difference between project scope and product scope.


 What are the two common characteristics of a project?


 What is the definition of project?


 What is the project life cycle?


 Why do organizations have projects?


 What is the difference between project goal and business goal?


 Can a project be successful even though the business goal fails?


 What are the 4 questions to answer to make a good project definition?


 What are the principal roles of the project sponsor?


 What are three important factors of project rules?


 What project management tool can help you to decide if a project is successful?


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