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Project Team
Project Team: The Project Team defines the role of each team member , establish a job description and  the rules to measure team performance and work progress.
1) Clearly define the different types of team required for the project.
2) List the key responsibilities of every designated team member.
3) State who the team member will report to.
4) List the skills and experience required.
5) Establish key performance criteria.
6) Define salary and working conditions
* This assignment will be one component of your final project.  First, answer the questions in MS Word or word processing software and save it.  You will need the responses again later on in the program.
1 - List the different roles of the key team members:
2 - When considering your project, create a job description for 3 of the prospective team members.
Job description 1   
Job description 2   
Job description 3   
3 -  Make a list of skills needed for the planning and execution of your project.
4 - Make a list of performance criteria.
5 - Name the criteria that will be used to determine salary.

6 - Explain the work conditions for each team member.
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