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Welcome to the Mattapan School of Technology 

Free Professional Project Management Seminar in Haiti 

Sponsored by: The United Nations and  Town Computer


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Bulletin #1.- 3 Wenthworth Institute of Technology alumni (Promotion 2003, project management) will travel to Haiti with the Mattapan Tech delegation.

About the Seminar

This professional seminar on project management  targets Haitian professionals living and working in Haiti and is designed to reinforce the  management capacity of the Haitian project managers and to share new techniques to improve team performance and ensure project success.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Mattapan School of Technology engaged in many activities in collaboration with other local and national organizations to help in the rescue of the victims and to participate in the rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

 Mattapan Tech had pledged to contribute its intellectual and technology resources to this endeavor. Our staff were directly involved in raising funds for the Red Cross in collaboration with WCVB Channel 5 and we donated funds to buy  food and water for several families. We used our technology information system and logistical resources to help hundreds of families in the US Diaspora locate their relatives. 

During the past few months Mattapan Tech has trained several project managers that pledged to offer their professional services to Haiti. This Summer, Mattapan Tech held an award ceremony to recognize a few outstanding Haitian and American citizens who demonstrated extraordinary dedication to the cause of Haiti. 

Now Mattapan Tech will come to you this fall directly from Boston Massachusetts with a delegation of Haitian and American project management experts , for a pilot mission consisting of a training for trainers in project management. The objective of this project  is to emphasize and reinforce the fundamental principles of a successful project.

A) Project Initiation

B) Project Planning

C) Project Control and managing expectation

D) Risk Identification and Management

E) Estimate and budget

F) Project Closing


Our  team of experts designs a rigorous agenda and we will select the participants of the seminar from the NGO's and commercial organizations. We will focus on  contractors, construction management professionals, students and instructors or other individuals that have interest in project management. After the seminar, that group will have for mission to spread these new skills throughout the country. The work of this group will be monitored and additional training will be available to them as needed. We plan to meet again next year to evaluate the impact and the advantages  of the new management techniques on their professional career and on the  project management industry.


What is the requirements to participate to this seminar?
To participate in this seminar, you must have a high school diploma (Retho or Philo ) or a general education equivalency certificate, or have worked as a contractor, a foreman or project manager for at least one year.


What is the fee to participate in this training?
The participants will not have to pay a fee and at the end of the program, each participant will receive a gift bag with useful management tools and others.


How long will the seminar last? 
The seminar will last about half a day and will be held in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The date and location will  be announced later, all applicants who are admitted to the seminar will receive an acceptance letter from the school with the date and location of the seminar.


A the completion of the seminar a certificate of participation will be issued to each participant.
duly signed and sealed by our executive director.


Karrie Ann Jean, Executive Director
Harry Newcomb Jr. Vice President
Laurie Smith, Chancellor
Andry Gelin, student Affairs
Jacques Dady Jean, President


I want to pre-register for the seminar (English)Click here to register now
I want to pre-register for the seminar (French) cliquez ici pour vous inscrire