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Mattapan/Greater Technology Learning Center

The Mattapan Technology Learning Center (MTLC) is a  non-profit vocational school that focuses on providing  professional training in the field of computer, network and information technology. Our student  body is composed of young and older adults from 14 ethnic backgrounds. They come from several cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. The  mission of the Mattapan/Greater Boston Tech is to:
 Empower our community through professional hands-on training in the technology area ,developing leadership skills and promoting  healthy social activities.

To work with the business community in developing courses that meet their needs.

To assist our students in finding the right entry-level position in the job market.

We currently offer different certificate programs: MS Office, Database Management, Web Design, 

E-Commerce, Project Management, PC Repair, and Information Technology. A few years ago, Jacques and Karrie Ann Jean created this initiative on the first floor of their two-family home to offer another alternative to those who want to change or start a new career in computer technology or simply learn how to use a computer.  The project has expanded without government funding to become an icon in Greater Boston where many young people, adults and senior citizens come to learn new technology.  This year the school is planning to recruit 600 new students, giving the opportunity to anyone who has the desire to earn a professional certificate and increase their chances of a better livelihood.

In the midst of  this economic crisis, students and concerned citizens have become worried about the future of the school. During a church gathering, Jacques and Karrie Ann Jean unveiled a detailed strategic plan to ensure the community that amid the recession, the school will continue to provide the same type of training and career services that have trained so many people and put them back to work. That plan includes new management practices, a reduced budget, the creation of a volunteer team and an aggressive fundraising program.  This year’s budget has deflated to only $225,000 that according to the new plan will still give the school the capacity to train more than 600 people, with less than $450 per student. 

Our students are expected to contribute 50% in lab and registration fees and we are striving to raise the remaining balance..  The school expects to raise the other 50% through private donation and corporate sponsorship.

The school administration is inviting everyone to become part of this wonderful project and act now to save the initiative by making a donation, donating your used computer equipment or by becoming a volunteer.  For more information about  the school, call (617) 298-0357 or stop by  the office at 24 Regis Road in Mattapan, MA


This year's budget adds up to $225,000, We estimate to spend an amount of $450 per student. Our students are expected to contribute $55,000 in lab and registration fees and we are striving to raise the remaining balance.

Mattapan Tech is sponsored by the United Christians Fellowship Urban Ministry

The Clinton Global Initiative